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Chakra Balancing and Healing


Experience the soothing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and immerse yourself with an exquisite mix of healing frequencies and tones. Each session focuses on a different chakra (main energy centre in the body) and will assist you to re-calibrate, restore and nourish your entire being and energy system. 

Sessions may also include reflective questions to prompt self-enquiry, angel/energy card readings, crystals, counselling/coaching and supportive tools that you can utilise outside of sessions to support integration and 


 As a guide, sessions will focus on:

1) Session 1: Root chakra - safety, stability, feeling grounded, independence

2) Session 2: Sacral chakra – creativity, sensuality, playfulness, 

3) Session 3: Solar Plexus chakra – self empowerment, self-confidence, motivation, problem solving, vitality, sense of self

4) Session 4: Heart chakra – self love and love for others, compassion, forgiveness

5) Session 5: Throat chakra – self expression, speaking own truth, powerful communication

6) Session 6: Third eye chakra – intuition, insight

7) Session 7: Crown chakra – wisdom, spiritual awareness, joy, connection to higher self

Chakra Balancing and Healing package x7 sessions $840

*Private Health Insurance may apply for the following health funds: Bupa, AHM, Medibank Private, Police Health Fund, Doctor’s Health Fund