Self-care and Sound Healing immersion

Treat yourself to an afternoon of bliss, sound healing and all things self-care...

In our modern fast-paced world, we are on the go - stressed, overwhelmed and overworked. We have lost the art of stillness, being in the present moment and sacred ritual.

This workshop is for anyone who would like to slow down, invite more balance into their life and build a daily self-care practice.

Learn emotional coping techniques, ways to rejuvenate and create your own personalised self-care and plan.

Then immerse in a gentle stress melting sound bath meditation accompanied by high quality Tibetan Singing Bowls. These unique soothing frequencies and sounds restore and re-calibrate body, mind and spirit.

Anxiety, stress and tension can dissolve into calm, relaxation and inner peace…

Date and time: Sunday, November 24th 2-4 PM

Location: Active Sanctuary Yoga (Level 2, Suite 3/4 Williams Road, Prahran)

Investment: $40, 15% off for Active Sanctuary Yoga members

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Balance - Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing series

Let us take you on a relaxing, stress melting journey that nourishes your entire system through sound, restorative yoga postures and chakra balancing. Our unique sequence of postures & sound have been carefully crafted to bring balance to the energetic and physical body. Be guided into a state of relaxation & meditation as you still your body and surrender to the healing sound waves of Tibetan Singing Bowls.


Restorative yoga is a fully supported yoga practice. All postures are performed on the ground sitting or lying down supported by yoga bolsters, blocks and blankets. It is accessible to everyone and no yoga experience is necessary. Breanna has attended specialised Restorative Yoga Teacher training with Vanessa Rudge of Being Yoga.

Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. The unique layered tones emit brainwave-altering binaural beats and soothing frequencies to help restore and re-calibrate your mind, body and spirit. Singing bowls create the perfect state for relaxation, tension release, creative thinking, deep meditation, silencing the 'inner critic' and the dissolving pain and blockages. Tracey has trained in both Melbourne and Nepal, recently acquiring singing bowls handcrafted in Nepal.


Yoga Moves
220 Carlisle Street, Balaclava , VIC 3183

3pm - 4:30pm Sunday 10th November - LETTING GO
3pm - 4:30pm Sunday 8th December - CREATING MAGIC


Early Bird Ticket $35 - ends 7 days prior to each event 

Full Price Ticket $45 - all tickets purchased within 7 days of each event