Tracey Rodricks ran a 'Managing difficult emotions' workshop for our organization Family Drug Help at SHARC. We run training for our volunteers that work on our Helpline and also who run our Support Groups. Our organization is for the family members and loved ones of those with substance misuse. Our volunteers here are all peers, so they have their training provided by us,  and also a lived experience. The training that Tracey provided was absolutely perfect. She really touched them  and connected in a way  that they absorbed what she was saying. The feedback was extremely positive and they all mentioned they would be taking the skills they had learnt and putting  them into practice

Anne - Support Group Coordinator at Family Drug Help (SHARC)

This was a very informative workshop delivered in an excellent manner. The practical exercises were great and is something I can take away and apply to my professional and personal life. I would highly recommend the Stress Management and Self-Care workshop to anyone interested in better managing stress ad understanding their emotions

Danielle - Stress Management and Self-Care workshop attendee

Fabulous for anyone wanting to reconnect with themselves and have some much needed time. I attended one of Tracey's workshops which was so refreshing and helped me reflect on how important self love really is. The guided mediation at the end was amazing, walked out feeling very relaxed. Was very soothing and since then I've been doing a lot of self-compassion so thank you Tracey

Prishna - There is nothing wrong with you: Self-Compassion workshop attendee

Highly recommend!!⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  

Tracey's workshops provide the perfect environment to learn, share and relax. I attended a course which I found very informative, calming, nourishing and a much needed reminder for the busy Melbournian. Group sizes are small and the learning space is ideal for a little time out. I find I often return to the resources provided on the day, when things get a little hectic. I learnt so much, not just about stress and how to manage it, but more about myself and how to recognise triggers. Tracey has a unique set of qualifications and experience that makes her sessions relaxed, informal and reflective. Thanks so much Tracey

Amanda, Stress Management and Self-Care workshop attendee

I attended the self compassion workshop and really got a lot out of it. Tracey has a warm and gentle approach that instantly makes you feel comfortable in the group setting. She prepared interesting and thought
Provoking talk points that really got the group thinking and engaged! Thank you Tracey for a wonderful group!!

Jacqui - There is nothing wrong with you: Self-Compassion workshop attendee

Tracey is an informed and passionate facilitator. This course helped me better understand the elements of stress and gave me the tools to control and minimise it in everyday life

Kelly, Stress Management and Self-Care workshop attendee

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Thich Nhat Hanh